Thursday, 24 November 2016

Qatari Art Project

Year 6 have been busy preparing our entries for the Qatari Art project. We learnt to use oil pastels for dotting, feathering and blending! Come and see our creations at the end of term!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Maths week

This week the students have been busy learning about finance! They discovered how much of a struggle it can be to pay for luxury items when you have to also pay for necessities. The children calculate the wage of a worker in Doha and discovered how many hours of work was needed to afford items.  We also went on a hunt around school with our male relatives on Thursday. The students converted currencies of different occupations.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Autumn 2 Week 2 English

This week we were super excited, as we were lucky enough to write out own scary story. We learnt how to use the story bags to help plan our own scary story. The purpose of the story was to scare our teacher and the audience was obviously our teacher. Miss C-G said that when she gets scared by something she puts it in the freezer, so that was our mission - to get our story in the freezer!

Using the story bags we planned our own story and then had to write it. We were trying to show off everything that we have learn, this meant using a wide range of techniques and vocabulary!
Keep  an eye out for what stories made it into the freezer!

Autumn 2 Week 1

During the week we have been developing our own characters. First we drew our character, then we wrote words and phrases around our pictures. After that we had to describe our character to a partner, they had to draw what they imagined our character would look like. If the drawing was similar to ours that meant that our description was detailed enough!

We have now written out character descriptions and used the success criteria to check that we have included everything to make them successful!

Monday, 7 November 2016

Wolf Raffle

At the end of each term, the Wolf Class holds a raffle.
We get tickets every time we do an amazing piece of homework, work in class or our behaviour is amazing. This means that some of us had a lot of raffle tickets in the box!
Miss C-G chose four tickets and each one won a prize. Well done to the lucky winners, Anya, Youssef, Habiba and Maya.
Keep working hard guys, you might me the lucky one next time. Remember the more tickets the more chance of winning!

International Day

Last week we had international Day. We all came dressed up in either out traditional national dress or dressed in something that represents our country. Also we brought in a plate of food from our country.
During the day our class were focusing on the country Sri-Lanka, we learnt some facts about it and drew some elephants with lots of detail on.  Also we had a whole school parade and a KS2 feast of all the food. We loved trying the different foods and also enjoyed seeing each other in different clothes.
We would like to say a special well done to Miss Velarto and the choir. As their singing was beautiful!

MIA Trip

At the end of last term we visited the Terracotta Army exhibition in the MIA. We were lucky enough to see four of the figures, which had come all the way from China. As well as this we had a workshop where we made our own sculptures out of clay. During the day we learnt many facts and skills. 
Have you seen the Terracotta Army?