Sunday, 23 October 2016

Week 5

In English this week we have continued to learn about how to set the scene. We have learnt how important it is to add extra detail. One way of doing this is by using relative clauses. Using these allows you to add extra information about a noun.

We worked hard on our independent writing of setting the scene and used a wide range of techniques: synonyms, antonyms, similes, metaphors, ISPACE, VCOP, relative clauses, simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences and a range of vocabulary. We took extra care to edit and improve our work and we even swapped books to help one another edit.

During our Maths lessons we have been focusing on methods for addition. This involved drawing it pictorially as well as decomposing it. Some of us got on to really tricky pyramid problems involving decimals!

In Creative Curriculum we thought about what was important in a settlement. We were given 9 things and we had to put them in a diamond shape, with the most important at the top and the least at the bottom. A lot of us had different opinions on this, which was interesting.
Then we had to different ones for what was important in a settlement. A lot of use thought the same for this activity.

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