Thursday, 13 October 2016

Week 4

During our English lessons this week we have begun to learn how to set the scene.
One activity we did, was Miss Cross-Gower read out a paragraph which set the scene, we had to draw what we imagined the scene looked like. Because the paragraph was so detailed a lot of our drawings looked the same, which meant that it was well written.
Below is the passage that Miss Cross-Gower read out and a drawing which one of use drew.

Also we focussed on using our senses when setting the scene. We closed our eyes and tried to use all of our senses to focus on what was around us, then we had to describe a beach setting using our five senses. After that we were given a picture each, with a different scene on it. Using our  5 senses we had to write a detailed paragraph.
Look at the two examples below, what do you think?

In mathematics the students have been converting grams into kilograms and understanding and applying the knowledge of how to multiply and divide by 1000.

They have also learnt to round off different units of measure to 2 decimal places! 

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